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The International Conference on Information Systems

The International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) is the most prestigious gathering of information systems academics and research-oriented practitioners in the world. Every year its 270 or so papers and panel presentations are selected from over 800 submissions. The conference activities are primarily delivered by and for academics, though many of the papers and panels have a strong professional orientation.

ICIS was founded in 1980 at UCLA and the first conference was held at the University of Pennsylvania as the " Conference on Information Systems". By 1986, particularly as the result of Canadian and European attendance and participation, " International" was appended to the name, thereby creating the International Conference on Information Systems. ICIS became truly international in 1990 when the conference was first held outside North America in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Upcoming Conferences

Previous Conferences

2014: Auckland, NZ
2004: Washington, DC, USA
1994: Vancouver, BC
1984: Tuscon, AZ, USA
2013: Milan, Italy
2003: Seattle, WA, USA
1993: Orlando, FL, USA
1983: Houston, TX, USA
2012: Orlando. FL, USA
2002: Barcelona, Spain
1992: Dallas, TX, USA
1982: Ann Arbor, MI, USA
2011: Shanghai, China
2001: New Orleans, LA, USA
1991: New York, NY, USA
1981: Cambridge, MA, USA
2010: St. Louis, MO, USA
2000: Brisbane, AUS
1990: Copenhagen, DK
1980: Philadelphia, PA, USA
2009: Phoenix, AZ, USA
1999: Charlotte, NC, USA
1989: Boston, MA, USA

2008: Paris, France
1998 Helsinki, Finland
1988: Minneapolis, MN, USA

2007: Montreal, QC, CA
1997: Atlanta, GA, USA
1987: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2006: Milwaukee, WI, USA
1996: Cleveland, OH, USA
1986: San Diego, CA, USA

2005: Las Vegas, NV, USA
1995: Amsterdam, NL
1985: Indianapolis, IN, USA

For more information about past ICIS conferences, please visit the ICIS page on the IS History website

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Travel Benefits

One important benefit of AIS is our strong-knit community. We congregate, network, and share our ideas like a community and now we have the opportunity to travel as one. We understand that AIS members spend a lot of time traveling each year attending conferences, consulting and speaking, and conducting research. To help ease the financial burden of traveling, AIS provides members with savings opportunities that suit your needs. We now offer members discounted rates to ease your travel costs to AMCIS, ICIS, and many affiliated conferences.

If you have any questions about ICIS, please contact the AIS ICIS Representative or the AIS Executive Director.
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