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AIS Connected Scholars: Building a New Network on Twitter

As the department editor for connected scholars, Utrecht University Professor Remko Helms is working to facilitate improved communication between AIS members. Although many members are already connecting with one another at conferences, through SIGs, and on the ISWorld mailing list, more and more AISmembers are becoming active on social media platforms, and there hasn't been a centralized place created for these scholars to connect with each other. Thus, Helms has recently established a new AIS Connected Scholars Twitter account--AISConnect--which provides a place for AIS members and non-members alike to discuss upcoming conferences, publications, research, and curricula in the field of information systems.

So, how does it work? To begin, you must create your own Twitter account. Then, you must become a follower of "AISConnect" (Follow @AISConnect). Once you have begun to follow the account, you will be listed as one of our followers and added to the information systems list on the account. This list is helpful because it will allow you to find other scholars who may be of interest to you, those who have published interesting work or those who have given compelling presentations at conferences that you have attended. Or, you may discover people with whom you had not previously come into contact, thus allowing you to make entirely new connections within the field.

In order to help this list of followers grow, we will depend on you to act as an ambassador for the AISConnected Scholars Twitter account by informing your colleagues in the field as well as your students. When this list has grown sufficiently, we will segment this group into different lists on Twitter based on a follower's subject matter expertise. We may have a separate list for software development methodology, user adoption, social media, or any other subject that is generating exciting buzz on the AISConnected Scholars Twitter account. You will be able to locate these lists when they are developed by visiting the AISConnected Scholars' Twitter page.

To further enhance networking on Twitter, we encourage our followers to use hashtags named for interesting concepts within the field of information systems (e.g. #greenIT). Simply Tweet a message @AISConnect and mention the hashtag so that we can bring attention to particular topics and spur interesting discussions.

We look forward to welcoming you as a follower of the AISConnected Scholars Twitter account. Please do not hesistate to contact the AISDepartment Editor for Connected Scholars, Remko Helms, with any questions that you may have about this particular project or the Vice President of Communications, Richard Baskerville, if you would like to become involved with the department editors initiative.

For a list of helpful Twitter tips, please see our Twitter 101 document.

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