AIS Education Awards

AIS Award for Best Conference Paper in IS Education

This award recognizes the importance of pedagogy research in the Information Systems field. Papers that focus on IS education-related topics at any AIS sponsored or affiliated conference are eligible for the award.


Either the conference chair or the track chair can submit the nomination for the best paper award by e-mail to the AIS VP of Education, Heikki Topi, with the nominated conference paper included as an attachment. Only one paper from each conference can be nominated.

Evaluation of Submissions

The nominated papers will be reviewed by a selection committee chaired by the AIS VP of Education. The AIS VP of Education will distribute the nominated papers to the selection committee for evaluation and ranking. Only one paper will be selected as the best paper, unless there is a tie.


At least one of the authors of the nominated paper must be an AIS member. Papers co-authored by members of the selection committee are not eligible for consideration. Nominations must be submitted to AIS VP of Education.

Previous Winners

2017: "Aligning IS Curriculum With Industry Skill Expectations: A Text Mining Approach" - Patrick Föll, Frédéric Thiesse

2016: "Innovating Business Systems Labs for Engaging iGeneration Students" - Timothy Hill, San Jose State University and William Nance, San Jose State University

2015: "Business-Driven IT Transformation at Royal Philips: Shedding Light on (Un)Rewarded Complexity" – Martin Mocker, MIT Center for Information Systems research and Reutlingen University; Eric van Heck Eramus University 

2014: "Using Practitioner Stories to Design Learning Experiences in Visual Analytics" Olivera Marjanovic

2013: "A Field Experiment in Blended Learning: Performance Effects of Supplementing the Traditional Classroom Experience with a Web-based Virtual Learning Environment” Tim Hill, Laku Chidambaram, and Jama Summers

2012:"Bringing the Outside World to the Remote Mountains: the Nepal Wireless Networking Project" by Maung K. Sein, Devinder Thapa, and Øystein Sæbø


  • "Students’ Motivations for using Contemporary Technologies in Learning: A Structural Approach" by Zixiu Guo, Ken Stevens, and Yuan Li
  • "Leveraging the Web Enjoyment Experience for Informal Online Learning: A Field Study" by Aleck C. H. Lin, Shirley Gregor, Olga Vasilyeva, and Jessica C. C. Huang

If you have any questions about this award, please contact the AIS VP of Education, Heikki Toppi.

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