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Monday, January 6, 2014  
Posted by: Michelle Syen

SIG eMedia

The mission of SIG-eMedia is to support electronic media information systems and management research, education, promote career development by investigating research methods and topic areas, and to faciliate the creation of liaisons with allied disciplines.

SIG-eMedia is an open forum to bring together a community interested in electronic media such as researchers, educators, practitioners, and industry. Their goals are to:

  • Advance the discipline of information systems and management research in creative eMedia industries from a human, technical, business, and creative content creation angle
  • Creation of domain knowledge by attracting a critical mass of interested people to develop new methods, tools, techniques, processes, and human centred methods to applied in eMedia industries
  • Collaborate on the research on the information management for novel services in evolving domains like ubiquitous media, ambient media and transmedia services
  • Foster the dialogue between content creators and information system architects with the objective to integrate information management with creative processes
  • Promote the use of cutting edge information management technology and making it accessible for new context of application

For more information, please contact Artur Lugmayr.

Indonesian Chapter

The Indonesian Chapter aims to promote the IS discipline to researchers, administrators, and professionals, and it establish an internationally-recognized IS curriculum framed within an Indonesian context in Indonesian schools. The establishment of a chapter within an global organization will also facilitate collaboration between Indonesian IS academics/researchers and those outside of Indonesia. Some of their activities include:

  • Annual National Symposium: A thematic forum to propose and evaluate I-AIS programs/committees, and to discuss current IS issues in Indonesia. The forum is delivered in Indonesian language.
  • Biennial International Chapter Conference: An international conference for updating and publishing IS trends and technologies, IS research, and IS practices among international IS researchers, professionals, and academicians.
  • Doctoral Boot Camp: A special program for assisting doctoral candidates and prospective doctoral students to formulate their research topic(s). This program will also include any universities/organizations that offer doctoral scholarships/projects seeking qualified candidates.
  • IS Curriculum Clinic: A program geared towards discussing IS trends and IS curriculum, and assisting IS schools to best plan and evaluate their curricula. This annual program will also discuss the local content of the curriculum.

For more information, please contact Tony Dwi Susanto.

Malaysia Chapter

The Malaysian Chapter of AIS seeks to empower the growth of information systems teaching and research in academia and practice in Malaysia. It is exploring a number of potential activities:

  • Develop an online journal for the proposed chapter
  • Develop and disseminate localized IS curricula
  • Organize pre-conference workshops and meetings
  • Organize the Malaysian Chapter Conference
  • Provide a platform in which academicians and professionals are well supported (i.e., to encourage a vibrant teaching and research communities)
  • Provide an environment in which students are well supported and well prepared for life after university (i.e., developing confident, talented and all-rounder graduates)
  • Provide expert advice for decision-making bodies

For more information, please contact Syed Nasirin.

Qatar Chapter

The Qatar Chapter (QRAIS), one of the only AIS chapters in the Arabian Gulf, seeks to promote AIS in Qatar as well as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. The chapter has proposed to hold and AGM conference once per year and other meetings as proposed by its members. Scheduled activities include but are not limited to:

  • Annual IS Conference: In the same spirit as the AIS conference, the QRAIS chapter will plan an annual conference for research and new IS teaching developments, as well as an additional track for practitioners’ presentations on incubations or new products development.
  • Informal Meetings: These proposed meetings will enable academics and industry professionals to exchange information on technology trends, new applications, and more. These meetings may also facilitate the adjustments of IS curricula and joint IS ventures.

For more information, please contact Selma Limam Mansar.

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