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Policy on AIS Branded Online Social Networks


Management of AIS Branded Online Social Networks

Social networks operate through online services to help build social relations between people with common interests, activities, or other connections. Social networks may appear from time‐to‐time that are relevant to the purposes of AIS. These online venues offer an opportunity to share knowledge and information among AIS members, to increase public awareness of AIS,and to attract new members to AIS.

The VP of Communications will routinely encourage officers, council members, SIG officers, and AIS members to provide information about relevant social networks. Where available, the VP of Communications will select an AIS member who is participating in relevant social networks for appointment as the AIS Department Editor with a liaison role in the network. Where no such AIS members are available, the VP of Communications will (in cooperation with related SIG officers) seek an AIS member to join this network and serve as liaison under appointment as the AIS Department Editor in the social network topic.

"Branded” AIS Online Social Networks use the name, "Association for Information Systems" and the AIS logo. This usage requires written approval by the AIS Executive Director. When the name and/or logo is used or approved, the Executive Director will notify the VP of Communications, who will then appoint a Department Editor to be designated by the social networking hosting organization (e.g., Facebook, Linkedin) as the nominal owner of the social network. This Department Editor will be responsible for monitoring and controlling the social network in keeping with the policies below.

Department Editors with ownership or liaison roles in networks have responsibility to immediately represent AIS when opportunities arise to enhance its reputation and standing in the relevant social community. These editors are encouraged to immediately inform the VP of Communications, or, if appropriate, the President of the AIS, of these opportunities, perhaps to enable further enhancements. A swift response in the case of misinformation is particularly important in promoting the AIS to social networking communities.

AIS Branded Online Social Network Policies

  1. The purpose of AIS Branded Online Social Networks is to be a medium for IS‐related social interactions of parties interested in topics related to, and relevant for, members of the IS academic community.
  2. AIS Branded Online Social Networks must be "owned” officially by an AIS Department Editor.
  3. AIS Branded Online Social Networks should be used as a forum for discussions that are IS‐related and is of significant importance to a large majority of the participants.
  4. AIS members may use AIS Branded Online Social Networks to speak for themselves individually.
  5. Misrepresentations about AIS made by media or other social networking users should only be corrected by an AIS officer in an official capacity.
  6. Members using AIS Branded Online Social Networks should avoid
    a. use to advertise events, items or services that are marketed to generate profit, without advance written permission of the AIS Executive Director ;   
    b. use for student exercises;   
    c. use for repeated distribution of the same information;   
    d. communication that is (i) confidential, (ii) in violation of any copyright law, (iii) defamatory, or (iv) in violation of any other law;   
    e. communication that is in bad taste or inflammatory, offensive, or political in content, tone or implication to any member of the diverse, global, and multicultural AIS community;   
    f.  distributing intellectual property without the owner’s permission.
  7. AIS Branded Online Social Networks should encourage thoughtful enrollment and participation by AIS members and potential AIS members.
  8. AIS reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block any AIS Branded Online Social Network participant who fails to abide by these conditions, and also to remove any and all communications from the network archives with or without cause.
  9. AIS reserves the right to edit or amend this policy.

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