April Timeline

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_____ Budget: Send out communication to all various leaders within the community and request budget needs for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1). Have information due to Treasurer first week of May.


_____ (SIGs) AMCIS: Report next year's AMCIS track chair to AMCIS Program Chairs and Conference Co-Chairs.

_____ (SIGs) AMCIS: Authors receive email notification of acceptance of papers

_____ (SIGs) AMCIS: Mini-track chairs notify authors of paper acceptance or revision

_____ (SIGs) AMCIS: Workshop, Panels, TREO, and PDS submissions dealine (Subject to change. Review AMCIS website for exact deadlines)

_____ (SIGs) ICIS: OAM (Official Ancillary Meeting) Website open


_____ Reach out to potential authors for 2nd newsletter. Request newsletter information
from officers and directors (to be sent in May). Begin draft.
          -Review open rates for 1st quarter newsletter. 




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