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About AIS

Founded in 1994, the Association for Information Systems is the premier organization for those engaged in the academic discipline of information systems (IS). Membership benefits include articles (scholarly and editorial), webinars, special interest groups and conferences that help its 3700+ members from around the world to refine their research, forge better professional connections and advance their academic careers.

The AIS Strategic Goals

  • Promote AIS as a global leader for excellence in information systems research, practice, and education.
  • Position information systems as a leading profession in the service of society.
  • Lead and promote excellence in information systems education.
  • Lead and promote excellence in information systems scholarship.
  • Cultivate a community by providing services and products to meet the diverse needs of members and related communities.

Position Description

Title: Executive Director

Description: The Executive Director is the chief staff officer of AIS and is responsible for managing resources to assure the organization's achievement of its mission and strategic goals established by the AIS Executive Council. The Executive Director has overall strategic and operational responsibility for AIS staff and programs. The Executive Director reports to the AIS President and is responsible for the operations of the organization within the boundaries of approved budgets, bylaws, and policies of the association.


Leadership and Management

  • Leads AIS in a manner that supports and guides the organization's mission.
  • Supports operations and administration of Council by advising and informing Council members, interfacing between Council and staff, and supporting the annual evaluation of the Executive Director.
  • Hires, fires, manages, coaches, evaluates, and develops AIS staff members (both direct hire and third party).
  • Engages and promotes broad participation by AIS volunteers in the activities and programs of the organization.
  • Promotes the programs and activities of the organization, and presents a strong positive image, to the general public, other professional and academic organizations, and related stakeholders.
  • Engages in strategic planning, in collaboration with the volunteer Executive Council to ensure AIS is able to fulfill its mission into the future.


  • Establishes and maintains systems for delivering products and services to members and constituent groups.
  • Oversees management and execution of all AIS meetings and conferences.
  • Develops and maintains sound financial practices including collaborating with Council to establish budgets and maintain the fiscal integrity of the association.
  • Conducts the official business of AIS including executing legal documents.


  • Provides guidance for the effective vetting of future volunteer leaders for Council and other positions of leadership.
  • Communicates with Council and provides all information necessary for Council to function efficiently and make informed decisions.
  • Acts as chief advisor to the AIS President.
  • Enforces and operates at all times in accordance with applicable laws and statutes, AIS Bylaws, Council policies, and other directives imposed by Council.


  • Accountable for maintaining the legal integrity of the AIS by providing security for all files, legal and historical documents, membership records, and databases. Executes contracts and commitments as authorized by established policy or by the Council.
  • Accountable for the fiscal integrity of the AIS organization. Works with the Council to establish the organization's policies, focus, and direction as an ex officio Council Member. Is responsible for implementation of policies, focus, direction, and programs. Serves as the primary facilitator of the organization's communications with all parties, i.e., staff, committees, and suppliers. May represent AIS and serve as its spokesperson.
  • Supervises and coordinates the implementation and function of all policies, service offerings, and member benefits of the AIS to ensure a high level of service to the membership.
  • Marshals appropriate staff and other resources necessary to support AIS's two annual conferences (Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) and International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)) and any affiliated conferences.
  • Maintains receptivity to new ideas and opportunities to improve operations and services, referring information as appropriate to other staff members, committees, and Council members for their consideration.
  • Establishes the performance measures, in consultation with the Council, to enable evaluation of the AIS's policies, programs, and activities to ensure they support the organization's strategic plan and are properly executed. Provides short and long range planning for optimal utilization of resources for growth and improved services to the membership.


  • Experience working in academia or associations with academic focus preferred
  • Prior association Executive Director (or equipvalent business) experience required
  • Bachelor's degree or higher is required
  • CAE designation preferred
  • Experience working internationally preferred
  • Association technology experience or technology background preferred


AIS offers a competitive compensation package including salary, bonus, retirement package and benefits commensurate with experience.


For more information on this opportunity, please visit the posting at http://jobs.meetingexpectations.com/Job-Search/Executives-Job-Description/Executive-Director/54316.aspx.

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