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rhonda.syler@gmail.comRhondaSylerDr. University of Arkansas SIGEDEducation (SIGED)PresidentAIS SIGs: Education (SIGED)
rm.itm@cbs.dkRonyMedagliaDr Copenhagen Business SchoolDRSIGe-GovElectronic Government (SIGe-Gov)PresidentAIS SIGs: Electronic Government (SIGe-Gov)
ariyachandrat@xavier.eduThiliniAriyachandra  Xavier University SIGDSADecision Support and Analytics (SIGDSA)PresidentAIS SIGs: Decision Support and Analytics (SIGDSA)
stefan.seidel@uni.liStefanSeidelDr University of LiechtensteinDrSIGGreenGreen IS (SIGGreen)PresidentAIS SIGs: Green IS (SIGGreen)
tshaft@ou.eduTeresaShaftDr. University of OklahomaAssociate Professor of MISSIGIS-COREIS-Cognitive Research Exch(SIG IS-CORE)PresidentAIS SIGs: IS-Cognitive Research Exch(SIG IS-CORE)
sarnikar@acm.orgSurendraSarnikarDr. California State University, East BayAssociate ProfessorSIGHealthIT in Health Care (SIGHealth)PresidentAIS SIGs: IT in Health Care (SIGHealth) Queensland University of TechnologyDrSIG-ESEnterprise Systems (SIGES)PresidentAIS SIGs: Enterprise Systems (SIGES)
waynehw21st@gmail.comWeiHuang  Xi`an Jiaotong UniversityprofessorSIGISAPIS/IT Issues in Asia Pacific (SIGISAP)PresidentAIS SIGs: IS/IT Issues in Asia Pacific (SIGISAP) AlbuquerqueDr. University of WarwickAssociate ProfessorSIGOSRAOrganizational Systems Research (SIGOSRA)PresidentAIS SIGs: Organizational Systems Research (SIGOSRA)
eom@up.eduMike (Tae-In)EomDr. University of PortlandProfessor of IS & OTMSIGLEADLeadership in IT (SIGLEAD)PresidentAIS SIGs: Leadership in IT (SIGLEAD)

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